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      1. Scenario 1/ Episode 4 you are suppose to draw 3 Z-Invasion Cards, not 2.

      2. The Worker Strike Z-Invasion Card should be marked as an Active card instead of an Event card.

      3. When Zentraedi Cruisers Ram, they remove all Armor to the affected Area and inflict 2 Structure damage. Heroes in the Area will take 2 damage. (The Quick Reference Card indicates 1 damage erroneously, it’s described properly in the rulebook.)


      1. The Flagship Objective Token of Scenario:01-Episode:04 operates as a normal Flagship. This means that there may be a potential of 4 Flagships on the board (rare). You may use an existing Flagship Token to place on top of the Objective Token if this helps you keep track.

      2. Khyron and Miriya. It states that Pods in their Area use their orders. It should read, Pods in their Areas at the start of their turn use their orders.

      3. SDF-1 Transformation Damage: When the SDF-1 transforms, Macross City takes Structural damage. This damage may be placed on Guns, but not Armor. Heroes take damage from the transformation when inside Macross City.

      4. Hero Pilots: When Hero Pilots are inside SDF-1 Areas which take damage, the Pilot takes damage as well.

      5. Zentradi Ship Defend Order: Each Defend Order inflicts a total of 1 damage to the Area that it is in. 1 Order inflicts 1 damage.

      6. Objective Units: Zentraedi Vessels that are placed as or in part of Objectives will still take orders even if destroyed.

      7. Last Episode – Scenario 3/ Episode 15: This Episode follows a different procedure.
      – Place the Dolza Baseship Objective off the Active region of the Game Board: This means take hold of the Baseship Objective Token, but do no place it on the board.
      – Destroy Dolza: If the SDF-1 is able to move, it cuts through and reaches the Baseship. Place the Objective Token on the Game Board in any Area.
      – For this Episode, the Token placement is unimportant, but is used to help track the damage.


      1. What’s the difference between Gain vs Place?
      – Gain means that the token (or Veritech) goes into play on that player’s location or player board. Place means that you can put them into play anywhere.

      – Max may place Evade Tokens in the Area he is in. This means that these Evade Tokens may only be used in the area they have been placed into. Max or non-hero Veritechs may make use of these Evade Tokens.

      2. Does the Reflex Cannon damage objectives?
      – No, it only damages objects that have any damage capacity.

      3. Scenario 0?
      – Scenario 0 is meant as a tutorial to review each of the heroes. It’s not a game, but a walk-through designed to familiarize players with the characters.

      4. What happens when the Reflex Cannon damages a Hero or friendly unit?
      – Anything affected by the Reflex Cannon is destroyed and friendly units are placed back in the maximum Mecha chart on the Danger Board. Heroes are placed in MIA and follow MIA rules as normal.

      5. How do I adjust the game board when playing through scenarios?
      – The only thing you should do, other repair the SDF-1 from the Episode 5 rewards, is to adjust Mecha totals. Add the difference of Mecha totals from the previous Scenario to the current one.

      6. Can the Blockade Cruisers in Scenario 2/ Episode 9 move?
      – No, much like the City Center Pods in Scenario 1/ Episode 1, these Cruisers take orders, but will not rotate or ram.

      7. How does the Space Degree Zentraedi Invasion Card affect Heroes?
      – Play this card literally. It only affects movement applied to non-hero Veritech from ORDER cards. Other types of movement gained are not affected by this card.

      8. How can I make the game easier or harder?
      – There are several ways to do this:
      a. Reduce the number of loss conditions to 2 or 1.
      b. Remove Z-Invasion Cards with difficulty numbers of 2 or 1.
      c. Increase the number of Z-Invasion cards drawn each Episode.
      d. Reduce the number of Maximum Mecha.

      9. If there is 1 Cruiser in Outer A2, and a drawn Zentraedi Invasion Card says “1 Cruiser: A1”, which of the following happens?
      Option 1: Move the existing cruiser to Outer A1, so that there is now 1 Cruiser in A1.
      Option 2: Do Nothing, since there is already 1 Cruiser anywhere on the board.
      Option 3: Add 1 Cruiser to Outer A1, so that there is now 1 Cruiser in A1, and now 2 in total.
      – Only add new Cruisers to the board of the Order uses the “+” symbol. Place it where it says. In the example above, Option 2 is correct.

      10. If Macross City takes Structure Damage which covers the square that the Population Pointer is pointing to, does the Population Pointer move down? That is, do we suffer a permanent decrease in Max Population?
      – No. Leave the marker where it is. The Population you use is based on the highest undamaged value shown. The marker tracks your maximum population.

      11. Can the Flagship Objective Token of Scenario:01-Episode:04 be Annihilated?
      – Yes.

      12. When Engaging RDF Mecha and Pods, can you choose to engage Veritechs before you engage Super-Veritechs? Similarly with Destroids and Monsters?
      – Yes, but it shouldn’t matter. Engaged Mecha are not required to be destroyed first. Apply damage to the Area to any units in the Area.

      13. Generally, can one Hero take one specific Action multiple times in their turn? Pilots explicitly can take the “Inflict 1 Damage” Action multiple times.
      – Yes. Actions may be performed over and over. However, Each Ability may only be used once per Episode.

      14. Can one Hero fire one Rail Gun multiple times in their turn, by taking multiple “Fire 1 Rail Gun” Actions? Similarly with Beam Cannons?
      – Yes, see 13 above.

      15. Can Lisa Hayes activate more than two Resource Centers per Episode, by activating one for free, then moving to a second and activating it by taking her “Activate Resource Center” Action, then moving to a third and activating it by taking a second “Activate Resource Center” Action?
      – Yes. Lisa may use her Active Resource Center Ability once per Action Token Spent. However, each Resource Center may only be activated one time.

      Remember, only 1 Resource Center may be activated for free each Episode. Any Hero may activate one for free.

      16. Is the Bridge Adjacent to Macross City or Production? Pods can Advance from Macross City to the Bridge, but the Bridge does not (in my opinion) share a “long border” with those Areas. (I consider “long” to mean “greater than 1 inch long”)
      – Yes. They touch. Move from the Bridge to those Areas and back. Pods move through those Areas as well.

      17. Does Khyron execute Orders as if he was a Circle Pod? Does Miriya execute Orders as if she was a Triangle Pod?
      – Yes, and all Pods in their Areas at the start of the Round also use their orders.

      18. Will Khyron become Engaged by RDF Mecha? Will Miriya become Engaged by RDF Mecha?
      – Yes, however Miriya automatically disengages each Episode.

      19. Do Heroes Take damage from Reflex Cannon Overload? Does this include from the Situation in Scenario 1/ Episode 1?
      – Yes and Yes.

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