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      July 23, 2017 at 5:50 am #208

      Hey All!

      Here are some details of the game that people have been wondering about. This is a preview and more details will be released over the coming weeks. Any described elements below are subject to change, however we are making a best effort to keep details accurate.

      What is Attack on the SDF-1? : Attack on the SDF-1 is a board game designed around the classic Robotech: Macross Saga series. The game is a full co-op for 1 to 6 players and is based on other strategy based games. We would describe the complexity of the game about 7/10. This is the type of game that will be sold at niche board games store as opposed to big box stores.

      Is Palladium involved?: No. We are partnering with in no way with with Palladium.

      How is the game produced?: The game will not be part of a crowdfunding effort. The game is completely and privately funded. Game copies will only be sold by us or distributors once they are in hand.

      Will the game have miniatures?: Yes or No. We have all of our vehicle miniatures already created. We have not started getting sculpts for the Heroes. We want to add miniatures in the game but would need around 85 to have enough. This may balloon the production cost. We may offer enough miniatures as a separate pack or a small run deluxe edition with miniatures included.

      How does the game play?: Each player takes control of an iconic Robotech Hero. You move the hero around the ship fixing damage, building and piloting veritechs, firing defensive guns, transforming the SDF-1, and firing the reflex cannon.

      What is the game about?: The Zentraedi forces attack the SDF-1 in an attempt to capture it. The crew of the SDF-1 uses all of her resources to keep the ship out of the hands of the Zentraedi. Battlepods try to invade the SDF-1 and enemy cruisers ram and barrage.

      We will offer more details soon. Please visit us at GenCon to see the game in its entirety.

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