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      August 26, 2017 at 8:42 pm #288

      This coming Sunday (8/27/17) is going to be the first official session of my second Age Past campaign that I’m running at my local comic shop. Last week everyone finished making their character and coming up is the party’s first official adventure. At least 2 of our 6 players have never played Age Past before and I have at least 3 more people that are showing interest in the game with most likely more as our Campaign begins. So I’ve come up with a few pieces of reference material that has helped me GM my Age Past games. This material should help anybody unfamiliar with Age Past to learn and remember some of the nuance. Feel free to trade, share, or modify this information however you see fit.

      Reference Sheet:
      This is a simple 1 page document that helps players keep track of the different things they can do on their turn. It also helps remind them of how they can spend their dominion and Mana.

      List of Gods:
      One of the cool things about Age Past is that there are thousands of Gods. You can make up any God you want whenever you want. But sometimes it’s also nice to feel like you’re in a well developed world with named deities and practices. So while my friends and I have been making up Gods we’ve been making a list to keep track of them all. Some of these Gods are very relevant to our group’s setting and if anybody has questions on them feel free to ask. We’ve also made up some of our own domains.

      Age Past World Document:
      A lot of my GMing style involves improvisation. I have very creative players and no matter how good a GM is, players will find a way to ruin their carefully laid plans. Luckily Age Past is perfectly designed for exactly this and it’s very easy to alter a couple values on a monster or a trap and still have it be relevant. Because of this I’ve created a simple document that lists all of the major themes and information about the Incian Sphere (and the rest of Terres as it has become relevant). I can use this document to quickly and easily come up with how the world changes based on player actions. Our first game took place in 1785 and our new one is taking place in 1820 so there are going to be some pieces of lore that don’t match the book. With that said it still has a solid list of major themes from each nation.

      I hope these documents help other players get their foot in the door with their own games, and maybe even add their own stories and ideas to these documents. Keep your eyes peeled for more information from me. I’m hoping to do a post on the setting I’m using. My players and I have created a lot of really cool new magic items, races, machines, factions, and even some pretty major changes to the political environment in the Incian Sphere. So hopefully other players can make use of the Campaign Setting I’ve created.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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